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Luxoca is a premier online marketplace for contemporary, trendy and modern fashion for the 20-30 something woman. Our online marketplace will showcase inspired fashion from all over the world. We seek to use our platform to help customers become more familiar and loyal to your brand, while celebrating the vibrancy of our creativity.

 Conditions for selling your items on the Luxoca platform include:

Luxoca is a curated marketplace has full control over which pieces it chooses to stock. This means items you upload have the right to be rejected and is under our discretion. You are always free to email if you do not understand why you item has been rejected.

  • Upon purchase of an item, designers have up to 3 days to send to the customer if the item is manufactured and 10 days if the item is handmade. If you feel you cannot meet these deadlines, please contact the Luxoca team ASAP.
  • Vendors are not paid for items until after it has shipped and the customer has a tracking number.
  • Payments are made via PayPal and bank transfers for those that are in Ghana. Designers are responsible for transaction fee
  • Customers who purchase via paypal are allowed 14 days to return items.
  • All product images for the site are shot at the Luxoca Headquarters unless in cases where we view the designers images to be compliant with our website.
  • Prices on Luxoca should be consistent with prices on other platforms. We will be constantly checking this.
  • Luxoca will have the rights to use your images for advertising and promotional purposes
  • All Vendors must provide free shipping to Ghanaian customers for orders over $150


Associated Fee’s for selling on the Luxoca platform include:

  • Luxoca takes 17% revenue on all sales
  • Luxoca charges a mandatory $50 or GHS equivalent per month membership fee

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