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We’re looking for a digital leader who’d like to join us in building Luxoca into the number one shopping destination for smart and fashionable African women.

This role is open in Accra ONLY

Reporting Structure: The Head of Content reports directly to the Luxoca Founders and is a member of the senior management team. They will also be responsible for managing a team of 2-3 direct reports.


Specifically, the Head of Content will:

  • Grow the digital footprint of Luxoca across our website and social media followings
  • Overseeing all content creation activities for Luxoca’s website.
  • Develop new content ideas for the website and social media including multimedia and downloadable options specifically targeted improving consumer loyalty and sales.
  • Track and monitor weekly visitor analytics and ensure monthly growth
  • Manage digital team employees including the social media, video and email managers
  • Be responsible for all digital programming on social media including twitter chats, webinars, facebook q&as, snapchat takeovers, etc
  • Identify, recruit and retain high quality contributors for our platform
  • Work with the business development manager to develop content ideas for the collections and new releases we put out every month
  • Proactively identify revenue generation opportunities
  • Listen to our users and encouraging dialogue on our platforms


The ideal candidates will have an interest in fashion styling, and the idea of building a community that transcends the shores of Accra using digital content. You don’t have to have official work experience doing this kind of work but we want someone who is passionate about digital content and the fashion industry and can learn quickly.

If this role is for you, you’ll be excited to work in a fast paced environment and committed to working until the job is done.


Specific requirements include:

  • Excellent English writing skills and the ability to adopt and change your style of writing
  • Experience in building and growing customer base across markets using a variety of content, marketing and partnership strategies
  • Knowledge of SEO and digital marketing strategies
  • Social media savvy, including Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and up to date on current trends
  • Able to deliver on metrics-driven results and an understanding of analytics
  • Graphic design and video editing skills are a major plus
  • Creative minded with an ability to conceive interesting ideas for new content.


  • Competitive salary with commission
  • Opportunity to travel dependent on how successful our strategies are.
  • Work with a moderately fun but focused team who are really just trying to break some walls and make history.



Content Creators

Do you love fashion? Do you have a deep love for the written word? Are you passionate about using clothes to inspire and uplift others around you? Do you want to hone your writing skills for a future career in vogue or Elle? Want to share

Luxoca is where you need to be. We are growing and working to create a dynamic fashionable lifestyle online. Our website feature videos and articles that aim to inspire, educate and inform our audience. We are looking for people that believe the pen is mightier than the sword to help us do this.

Who we are looking for:

  1. People who are in love with writing.
  2. If you can use words to paint a picture that transforms lives – we need you.
  3. Individuals with a keen interest in fashion and cannot help but predict what the next fashion find is going to be
  4. Well informed content that is focused on innovation, style and the evolution of style in Africa.
  5. Submissions that educate, inform, engage and enrich
  6. Young writers who can breather life to their ideas, develop their content and present it in a timely manner
  7. People in tune with the world of fashion or able to update themselves with the world of fashion and create an inspired piece from looking at a show or garment.
  8. Original articles that are as close to publication-ready as possible.

What do you get?

  1. Feedback from our editor to further sharpen your writing skills
  2. Byline and bio with links to your social media pages so people can follow your week
  3. Prominent promotion of your articles across our platforms and through our partners.
  4. Invites to all the cool events we get invited to
  5. Opportunity to network with influential people in the fashion and media industry

Luxoca Contributor

o   Expected to commit to at least 6 months

o   Must be willing to submit at least 2 original articles per month

o   Send a resume and 2 writing samples (800 – 1000) words to


Occasional Contributor

o   Want to contribute every now and then without the commitment?

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